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Hand Surgeon in Fayetteville

Many patients don’t know they should be looking for a hand surgeon. Dr. Henley is one of three hand surgery experts in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Ozark Orthopaedic clinic has the only specialized hand surgery team in northwest Arkansas and is ready to handle any problem of the hand, wrist, elbow, or arm.

Hand Surgery

Patients may need hand surgery for acute (suddenly occurring) problems like trauma, cuts, smashed fingertips, etc., or chronic problems like arthritis.

Hand surgery may involve operations on the fingers or thumb. Common conditions include thumb arthritis, tendonitis of the thumb (mommy thumb), and ganglion cysts of the fingers.

Wrist Surgery

Technically, carpal tunnel release surgery involves surgery on the wrist. The word carpal means wrist.

Dr. Henley and his partners are specialized trained experts at treating carpal tunnel syndrome for residents of Fayetteville, Arkansas and in surrounding communities.

Elbow Surgery

Common elbow problems include tennis elbow, fractures and dislocations, arthritis, and nerve compression (cubital tunnel syndrome).

The elbow is one of the most complex joints in the human body. Call Dr. Henley at 479-521-2752 today to make an appointment with a qualified elbow surgeon.


Most hand surgeons treat problems of the hand, thumb, wrist, and elbow. Find out more about what a hand surgeon does.