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From Carrie Beal – NWA (trigger finger)

I would recommend Dr. Henley to others for this type of surgery.  I didn’t have to wait long for my appointments to see him, was in and out on time, which is important to me.  Everyone at the Eye Center Surgery Center was very nice, helpful and explained what was being done with each step.  One thing that happened before the surgery was a telephone call and the pre-surgery information was taken then, not at the facility, I was a lot more comfortable answering their questions about my past health history and it was much more private.  I enjoyed visiting with the young man who called.

 The anesthesiologist Dr. Henley chose for me visited with me before the surgery and listened to what I had to tell him, I don’t require much medication to put be to sleep, I’m usually given too much, this wasn’t the case this time and I awoke easily after the procedure.  My nurse that prepared me for surgery was great, he got the stick for the IV the first time and it was almost painless, he was very good at his job & seemed to enjoy his work.

Dr. Henley explained what he would be doing during the surgery and was very calming in the pre-surgery visit.  I appreciated the follow up call the next day to check on me, I had a couple of questions and they were easily answered during this call.  My follow up visit was good and I was told not to come back unless I had problems, so that was a good thing.  Staff at his office was friendly and courteous as well.  I appreciated that surgery wasn’t the first thing Dr. Henley suggested, he first injected my finger and waited to see if surgery was needed.  That was just a short fix,about 3 months, but it seems as if the surgery has fixed it.  I’m still sore and have a little tingling, but it seems to be getting better, no more painful finger “lock ups”!   

Thanks Dr. Henley!

From Shara Sievers – Lincoln (carpal tunnel)

I love Ozark Orthopaedics! Dr Henley is just downright awesome!

He is very caring and knows what he’s doing.

Kara and the rest of the staff are very professional and kind. My carpal tunnel surgeries went great.

I can now do many things with my hands that I haven’t been able to do for over a year.

Thank you Dr Henley!

From Howard Boudrey – Fayetteville (thumb arthritis)

I was referred to Dr. Henley by my primary care physician because I had lost use of my right thumb due to degenerative bone disease.

Dr. Henley performed surgery on my right thumb to restore the use of my thumb. I have a very good use of my thumb now and the scar is hardly visible.

In my opinion Dr. Henley is a super doctor.

From Ken Thomas – Fayetteville (cut tendons)

When I hurt my hand I went to the emergency services at Washington Regional. I knew it was bad and surgery was set up for the next week.

Dr. Henley did the surgery and everyone said he was very good.

An understatement.

My hand damage was extensive – muscle, blood vessel, nerve, tendons and bone repair.

10 weeks and 3 days in surgery.

Things are good.

Use him.

5 months post surgery. He really can put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

From Robert Nash – Fayetteville (broken wrist)

My story comes from an 86 year old man who fell and broke his wrist on an arm that had been weakened by a stroke. I had fears that I could not use this hand – my fears were relieved when I made my first visit to Dr. Henley.

He fully explained the treatment options and the possible outcomes. Now, some nine weeks later, I have recovered and can use my hand as well as before. Dr. Henley is very professional, courteous, and caring and I highly recommend him.

From Mary Clark – NWA (finger arthritis)

I have had surgery on my right hand middle finger to correct severe arthritis damage in middle finger right hand. Surgery went well and I am currently going to rehab to recover use of the finger, I am making progress.

I would recommend anyone that needs this help go to Dr Henley, his nurse and his Therapist, North Hills Surgery and staff, they are great.

From Kyle Baxter – Fayetteville (broken elbow)

I have had two operations done by Dr. Henley, and both experiences went well besides that fact that i was having to go through surgery of course.

All the staff at his office are very helpful, friendly, and efficient. I never had to wait more than five minutes.

My first surgery had to be followed on with physical therapy which i was nervous about, but all the therapist knew what they were doing, and made it as comfortable and painless as possible.

Dr. Henley kept up with my progress and would sometimes come visit during sessions.

My second surgery went well too. I had to have the plate and a couple screws taken out of my elbow because it was uncomfortable and was starting to hurt me. Henley did not rush the surgery at all. I saw him multiple times before the surgery and eventually we came to the agreement that it was time for the hardware to be taken out so we scheduled it about two weeks later. After that surgery my are has improved a lot and it rarely causes me pain.

I would recommend anyone to Dr. Henley he and his staff do a great job and very good at what they do.

From Susan Porter – Eureka Springs (thumb pain)

I appreciate the caring attitudes of the doctor and staff. Did not feel like I was rushed – my options were explained to me in a clear manner. The wait time was minimal. I have a busy schedule and have waited in other offices for a very long time. Not at Ozark Orthopaedics.

Although I dreaded surgery, I totally trusted Dr. Henley after my office visits. He was focused on my concerns and seemed very caring. My left hand had become almost useless. I could not grasp – could not open a door. Three months after surgery, those problems were gone.

He is one of the best physicians I’ve ever encountered on educating me on my conditions and explaining various options. I was also impressed when I asked about a follow up alternative treatment (acupuncture) – he actually gave me a referral.

From Jerry Musick in Northwest Arkansas (hand numbness)

I was first diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome about six years ago. Over that time period, I continued to get cortisone injections to relieve the numbness associated with the problem. These injections became more frequent with each year to the point that they were required about every three months to keep the numbness at bay.

Since I have only one functional hand, I was very hesitant about having the surgery as I thought there would would no way for me to continue to do the routine chores and other essential tasks during the recuperative period. For instance, I am required to do a a significant amount of typing in my current activities (manage websites) and was concerned that I would not be able to do that. Because of this fear, I put the surgery off for four years longer than necessary.

Immediately after the surgery, I was told by Dr. Henley that the only restriction I had was in lifting heavy objects during the recuperative period.  If I had known what I know now, I would have had the surgery years ago which would have eliminated a lot of frustration, unnecessary pain, and the routine cortisone injections.

If anyone contemplating this surgery is putting it off because of the fears associated with not being able to use the hand after surgery, I would say your fears are unwarranted. Having said this, the only restriction that appears to be of of concern would be if a person was required to do heavy lifting which would not be possible for at least a month after surgery as I understand it.

I hope this is of some help in convincing other with similar concerns to have the surgery.

From Lewis Wohlford in Bella Vista (hand numbness)

I was most gratified by my recent surgeries of both the right and left hands. I was suffering numbness in my thumbs and the first three fingers on both hands. I was unable to sleep soundly and was awakened several times during the night by the aching and numbness in my hands. Since my recent surgery I am able to sleep continuous and have no numbness in my hands.

I will gladly get up on a soapbox and announce my appreciation for all you have done for me! Both your office and surgery center staff were gracious, kind, and professional.

From Anonymous (orthopedic problem)

comments from a patient

From Mary (wrist/ulna fracture)

Last summer I broke my wrist/ulna in a bicycling accident.

I ended up with a galeazzi fracture, snapping my radius, breaking off the end of my ulna, and dislocating my hand. After having an emergency surgery on my arm, my hand would not stay in place when rotating my wrist.

Dr. Henley performed a reconstructive surgery on my wrist/ulna, allowing my hand to stay in place when rotating.

He explained to me thoroughly what happened to my arm during my accident. When the end of my ulna had broken off it also tore ligaments, which were holding my hand in place. After my surgeries i spent some time in a cast then i received a splint for my arm.

I continued to visit Dr. Henley over a period of 6 months so he could track the progress of my arm and wrist. He was very professional in the appointments and went above and beyond to help me as a patient. He continued to show me pictures and x-rays of before and after my surgeries. He was also involved in the progression of my therapy.

Dr. Henley is very knowledgable and passionate about his work and it shows. The mobility in my wrist was estimated to take much longer to recover than it did.

Thanks to Dr. Henley, the therapists, and the extremely talented staff, I am able to use my wrist and arm again at almost full potential.

From a patient (elbow pain)

I chose to see Dr. Henley for my elbow pain after some research on the internet. My elbow had been hurting for about 8 weeks and was progressively getting worse. Dr. Henley diagnosed me with “tennis elbow” and described all the available treatments.

Starting with the easiest/least invasive treatment, I used wrist and elbow splinting with no improvement. I then had a cortisone injection followed by physical therapy. The pain disappeared.

It gradually started coming back, and at 8 weeks was as painful as before. I decided to have another cortisone injection, knowing that the result would likely be the same, but hopeful that healing would begin. The pain again disappeared, but again came back in 8 weeks, actually worse than before. I was unable to use my left arm most of the time. I could not pick up a cup of water sitting on a table next to me. It ached all the time, and was affecting my quality of life.

I returned to Dr. Henley and we discussed the options of PRP injection and surgery. He explained that PRP injection was a fairly new treatment, and it did not work for everyone. I did some research and decided to go ahead with this vs. surgery.

The procedure was easy and wasn’t much different from the cortisone injections. My elbow was very sore and swollen for the next week. I had the procedure at the very end of February.

Every week after the first, I had substaintial improvement. It’s been about 8 weeks now, and although it is stiff and sore upon waking, I have full function. The debillitating pain is gone. I was aware that the procedure was not a “quick fix”, but I do feel the improvement daily. I am so thankful that I did not have to go through painful surgery and long recovery time.

From Kathi (elbow pain)

I went to Dr. Henley with pain in my elbow. I had learned to live with it and had tried many “home remedies” but it was getting worse. He worked with and examined my arm and asked me questions about my condition. He then gave me a diagnosis and some options to take care of my problem.

He explained carefully what the condition was and some of the mechanics of the elbow. I chose to get a cortisone shot. He told me what to expect the outcome would be and encouraged me to call or return if any problems arose.

Within 48 hours all the pain was gone!

I went for a follow up visit 8 weeks later and he examined me again and told me to proceed slowly but that I could get back to weight lifting again.

Dr Henley is very kind and certainly seemed knowledgeable about my problem. He made me feel very confident that he knew my condition well and would be able to help me.

I appreciated that he took the time to explain what was going on. He didn’t seem hurried but acted like my problem was important to him.

I wish ALL my Drs. were able to help me so well!

From DeLane (finger tumor)

Dr. Henley was very professional at giving the diagnosis of a giant cell tumor on a tendon sheath on a finger on my right hand.

He talked about possible long-term effects, was honest in asking that I have an MRI before complete diagnosis and surgery to be sure what and where the growth was located, and careful to take my problem of lymphedema in that arm into account in doing the surgery.

Post surgery, he explained what he found, why I had the surgery at a good time, and helped me understand some of the side-effects after the surgery.

His manner was reassuring that the problem had been caught, solved, and would, after a little more time, probably be as good as new.

From Chris (painful thumb cyst)

After struggling for a couple of years with a very painful cyst in my thumb joint, my wife finally convinced me to see a doctor. At that point, when the wind blew across my thumb, tears would well up in my eyes. When I went to see Dr. Henley, I told him straight away that I wanted it removed. He was to quick to caution me that an operation may cause more problems than it fixed. However, after looking at my thumb and some x-rays (and seeing how badly it hurt me), he agreed that surgery may well be the best option.

The surgery, which actually only took like 15-20 minutes after a prep and wait that lasted a couple of hours, went extremely well.

Dr. Henley did such an amazing job that after I left the hospital I never even had to take any pain medication. Deftly avoiding cutting into anything major, he was able to remove a large cyst that was growing under a tendon and a ligament, the pressures from which were causing all of the pain. It healed very quickly and has given me no further problems as of yet, a month after the surgery.

He put me at ease and never had me worried about anything. I thought that I would be more nervous going into my first surgery, but with Dr. Henley, that was not the case.

I’ve been to his office three times now (the initial visit and two follow up visits) and have yet to wait ten minutes even. On the last visit I was actually in my car and leaving 5 minutes BEFORE my visit was even scheduled. The staff is always friendly and very helpful.

From Mrs. Joanne May (sore thumb)

I was referred to Dr Henley with a very sore thumb. In one visit, he diagnosed my problem and proceedure to fix same was put into motion. His staff, and attendants were polite, caring and warm.

I highly recommend him.

They took care of all the problems I had, and once again, my hand is now at least pain free, and am using it for all the needs that I am met with as a Housewife.

Thanks to all of you.

From J. Coldiron, Sr. (trigger finger and tennis elbow)

I have had two issues (growing old is wonderful)that I have seen Dr. Henley on over the last few years (Trigger Finger & Tennis Elbow). Both of these issues were diagnosed and treated by Dr. Henley in a very professional non surgical manner.

Bottom line is that in my opinion Dr. Henley is a doctor who can be trusted. His treatment recomendations for me have been effective.

If there is any time in the future that surgery would be recomended, I would not hesitate to trust the recomendation.

In addition, the office staff also rates high marks as they are very professional and friendly.

From Pam Brown (hand arthritis)

I had surgery on my hand due to arthritis. Had I known what outstanding work Dr. Henley does, I would have had it done sooner.

I had very little pain and recovery was fantastic. If the need occurs, I will definitely use him again for other surgeries.

Very, very pleased!!! Recommend him highly!!

From Nancy Johnson

Dr. Christopher Henley operated on both of my hands this summer. Both surgeries were successful and the follow up care was exceptional.

Dr. Henley was very thorough in explaining the facts of my surgery.

He used language that I could understand and regularly checked for understanding on my part.

I am glad I trusted Dr. Henley with my hands. He will be my first choice if I require hand surgery in the future.

From KC

Dr. Henley was great as well as his nurse Lisa. I was attended to promptly when I visited the office before and after the surgery and felt like my time meant something to the facility.

The surgery was successful without any complications and I have regained 100% of the use of my hand.

I hope to never be in the situation to need to go back but it’s very nice to know Dr. Henley and his staff will be there to fix me back up as well as they did before.

From Paul Edwards

Dr. Henley was excellent when helping me with my injury. My arm now feels great compared to when I first saw Dr. Henley.

The office staff was very friendly on each of my visits. Would definetely recommend him to my friends.

From Delnita Foust (arthritic thumb)

Dr. Henley was concise and informative during my initial visit but more importantly,relieved a ten year + pain from a debilitating arthritic thumb.

The clinical staff is professional and polite. I appreciated never waiting more than 20 minutes to see Dr. Henley.

The surgical team made a worrisome day pain free, honestly!, on the hour and a half trip home.

The Physical Therapy Dept. was exceptionally helpful and forthcoming with patient education. I really felt I had great partners in my efforts returning to optimal range of motion.

From Melissa Guinn

I recomend Dr. Henley to anyone that is having carpal tunnel pain.

He is very helpful, very easy to talk to, will take time to listen to you, and will recomend his best treatment to help ease your pain.

From Jerel Wallace

Friendly, informative, and Meticulous.

From Bob Elliott

I received bad advice from the emergency room doctor that delayed my treatment for a severed tendon. Dr. Henley reacted immediately and fixed the original doctor’s error.

From J Haley (ganglion cyst, triggering in the finger)

I had a ganglion cyst on palm side of right hand between middle and ring knuckle. I also had triggering on middle finger on right hand. After a consulting visit and a phone conversation later the same week with Dr. Henley, we decided surgery was best option among others Dr. Henley offered. Surgery went well. I opted for a local block, so was alert throughout surgery. Two areas stood out as being exceptionally good: 1). Dr. Henley was extremely careful & observant of keeping operating environment sterile. 2) Dr. Henley frequently asked me if I was feeling any discomfort & feeling OK. Pre & post op staff was good at North Hills. The only pain med I took was one pill right after surgery. Recovery is going well.

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